Report 69 - The PLOTS program continues to be a valuable resource for ND hunters and is now available with its new version. Greg tell us more. He also tells us about new acres coming available.

Report 70 - Hunting big game over bait is becoming more and more popular, but Greg tells us of some restrictions. He also updates us on the all poachers hotline.

Report 71 - Big game hunting continues to be popular. As we transport that harvest, Greg tells us there are a few things to keep in mind. He also discusses what can and cannot be moved legally.

Report 72 - The swan lottery has been held, but a few licenses still remain. Greg tells us how you can get one. He also gives us a salmon fishing outlook as we head into fall.


Report 73 - The youth deer season is upon us and Greg reminds us how the season works. He also tells us the regulations are similar to that of the adult season.

Report 74 - More hunting seasons are clicking off as we head into September. Grouse and partridge recently kicked off and next is the start of crane season. Greg gives us details. He also tells us about the rare whooping crane migration that might be coming through our state.

Report 75 - The waterfowl season is set. Another great season for numbers on the horizon is in store as well. Greg gives us some details. He brings us up to date on waterfowl species and regulations as well.

Report 76 - We talk a lot about youth hunting opportunities and there is a way to borrow some waterfowl equipment through some generous partners. Greg explains. He tells us other ways to get kids involved in the outdoors.