Report 93 - We talked chronic wasting disease for deer last week and news has already hit in one of our neighboring states. Greg gives the details. He also gives thoughts on the deer gun season as it wraps up Sunday.

Report 94 - Upland game opportunities continue in North Dakota for more than a month. Numbers might be down and early season birds were scarce by many reports. With corn now being nearly all harvested; some birds are out there. Greg tells us about this and other areas to hunt. He also tells us about some ice fishing opportunities as the dark house spearfishing season opens soon.

Report 95 - The deer gun season has come to a close, but there's still some hunting to be had this season. Greg has those upcoming opening and closing dates. Also, the state-wide muzzleloader season is opening up and Greg has a few reminders for those hunters.

Report 96 - North Dakota's late mountain lion season is already underway and Greg explains how this works with the various zones. He tells us about the two zones in the state for mountain lions and gives some key points to keep in mind.


Report 97 - We are talking hunter education this week. The next few months are crunch time for training. Greg tells us more about the schedule. He also discusses how his department has some nice online features for notifications.

Report 98 - An annual program provided by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture,, along with the NDSG&F department, pairs up coyote hunters and trappers with landowners. With coyote numbers up there this year, Greg tells us some ranchers may be looking for some help. He also gives another important reminder for ranchers and hunters.

Report 99 - As we transition to hard water fishing, Greg tells us of a few regulations to make note of. He also discusses limits and how to count them toward an overnight stay.

Report 100 - We talked ice fishing in our other report this week. Let's talk fish houses and regulations in this report. We also discuss how close one ice house is allowed to be to another.