Report 33 - Spring is finally here. Hopefully we've seen the last wave of snow storms. Greg cautions outdoorsmen to be courteous with their travels. He also tells us of some collegiate scholarships available through his department.

Report 34 - The moose and elk lotteries have been held and those that were lucky enough to have been drawn should have been notified by now. Greg gives details. He also discusses a learning opportunity through his department.

Report 35 - From snow storm to fire warnings, North Dakota has them all. Greg brings us up to speed on the latest fire warnings across the region. He also discusses an important phone number to keep in mind as activity grows this spring.

Report 36 - Many youngsters are starting to look forward to operating water craft as summer approaches. But with that, there are a few things to keep in mind. Greg also discusses documenting that first fish caught by a child and how his department documents the event.


Report 37 - Anglers are definitely getting ready for the open water fishing season and Greg gives us some reminders on bate restrictions. He also tells us the North Dakota fishing guide is a must have for all anglers and is available now.

Report 38 - Greg says his department recently completely the spring mule deer survey and lets us in on the results. He also tells us what results mean for hunters.

Report 39 - Greg says his department has a message for what appears to be orphaned animals; which we see quite often this time of year. He also tells us what to do considering adult wildlife.

Report 40 - Lots of us are getting our boats ready for water. Greg has some reminders regarding ANS.