Report 15 - A lot of great fishing opportunities are across the state. In fact, NDG&F department is managing over 400 lakes, Greg has the latest. Plus, he has more info on smaller fisheries.

Report 16 - We’re in the middle of winter and a lot of times stuck inside, but there are a lot of things outdoor enthusiasts can do even inside the comfort of their own home or fish house. Greg has some suggestions. Winter time is prime time to organize and clean those summer tackle boxes, Greg has tips.

Report 17 - Moose, elk, and sheep harvest numbers for are in for 2017. Greg tells us the success continues to be high for those seasons. And, what many people call the best sports show in the state is coming up soon.

Report 18 - A reminder for ice anglers; March 15th is a date they should put on the calendar. Greg gives details. It was another good year on the ice, but Greg tells us it's time to have a clean transition to spring.


Report 19 - In the midst of winter, Greg's department stays busy. He tells us about his recent schedule. Greg also gives us some reminders on winter activities.

Report 20 - Greg's department is involved with a lot of annual activities for youth throughout the year, and Earth Day is one of many. Greg explains. He also tells us what to do if you see sick or injured wildlife.

Report 21 - The NDSG&F helps kids in a youth grant program which Greg tells us how to apply to and what the grants are used for. Also, He reminds us where to call if you have any suspicion of poachers.

Report 22 - The NDSG&F website has continued to grow with great content including a weekly webcast and a variety of educational videos available. Greg also tells us about freezer clean up this time of year.