Report 51 - Last week we talked spring duck numbers and this week we shift to pheasant numbers from spring counts. Greg tells us how it's looking. He tells us what the lower numbers mean for fall.

Report 52 - A lot of great public lands are across our great state. It's a good time to take advantage of it this summer. But Greg has some words of caution as well. We also talk of a few wildlife management guildlines to keep in mind.

Report 53 - The deer lottery has been held. Greg gives us the numbers. The good news is there are more tags to be allocated. Greg gives us some details.

Report 54 - The Missouri River is experiencing high water levels and this is effecting Lake Sakakawea across the board as well. Greg gives us the details. He also tells us about some emergency boating rules that have been put in place as a result.


Report 55 - Some good news for walleye anglers; Greg says his department is stocking 10 million walleye fingerlings. He tells us where they are going to go. Greg also tells us how long it takes these fingerlings to mature.

Report 56 - It's that time of year as the North Dakota State Fair is coming up and Greg tells us his department hosts thousands of people annually. He also discusses the attractions in the space this year.

Report 57 - Survey work is an important function of the game and fish department, and Greg tells us they continue to try and learn all sorts of material. He also tells us how some surveys are done.

Report 58 - A harmful toxin that poses a threat to pets, humans and livestock has shown up the past few years and looks to be on some waters again this year. Greg gives us details. He also tells us there are still some deer gun tags available.