Report 83 - The deer gun season is only a few weeks out and Greg has a few quick reminders including on possessing a deer. Also, the NDSG&F Department has a new calendar out every year and is taking orders now for the 2019 calendar.

Report 84 - Identification comes into play sometimes when equipment is left out in the field to use over a period of time. Greg tells how his department can help out with that. There is a relatively new invasive weed in North Dakota and Greg tells us about the concerns from the state and how you can help.

Report 85 - An important reminder for deer hunters; Greg's department wants to remind people that an additional license is required besides the deer tag. He explains. Greg also tells us his department is taking samples from harvested deer to check for chronic wasting disease.

Report 86 - This is the time of year when many outdoor enthusiasts take to the field. Not just to hunt, but fishing seems to heat up right around now. Greg tells us more. He also tells us his department recently completed a fish survey and gives us some details.


Report 87 - The deer gun season is only days away and today Greg answers some frequently asked questions. He also tells us what one can do if they misplace their license.

Report 88 - The best time of year for many, the deer gun season, is only days away. Greg tells us what to do if you come across and injured deer. He also gives tips and things to keep in mind if you are hunting private land.

Report 89 - Deer season is upon us and there will be a lot of activity in the field over the next few weeks. Greg answers some common questions he gets this time of the season. He also explains what to keep in mind once you have harvested a deer.

Report 90 - We're talking deer hunting again in this report and Greg tells us about the process of transporting deer. Plus an outlook for deer for the gun season.