Report 7 - We often talk habitat in these reports, and Greg tells us there is a new CRP opportunity available for landowners.

Report 8 - Even though hunting seasons are over, Greg gives hunters an important reminder. He also suggests other things to do during this time of year.

Report 9 - The spring turkey season is set and Greg tells us the details on how hunters can apply online. He also talks about a good opportunity for youth coming up.

Report 10 - As tax time approaches, Greg tells us how there is away to contribute to the NDSG&F Department on their tax forms. He also tells us how students 6-18 are eligible to participate in a contest to design the patch for the 2020 Earth Day Campaign.


Report 11 - The high school trap league has an ever growing number of teams participating. Greg tells us his department has grants available to assist this sport. He also tells us there are other activities across the state they assist with.

Report 12 - As technology continues to progress; Greg tells us his department does as well. One area in particular is with contour maps. Greg tells us of other updates also available on the website.

Report 13 - A popular state archery tournament is returning. Greg tells us more about this tournament where students can show off their stuff and also win scholarships. He also tells us about more archery opportunities.

Report 14 - There is a recent detection of some dove species. Greg has more information and tells us how the NDSG&F Department is asking for help. Also, He tells us about upcoming sports shows in the area.