Report 103 - As we put a wrap on 2018, it's time for a lot of us to look ahead to 2019 and some important dates. We also talk about NDSG&F Department's annual calendar that is now available.

Report 104 - Technology has come a long way over the years, including items for the outdoors. Fish houses in particular have come a long way. Greg discusses innovations.

Report 1 - Another year is officially in the books as we turn our calendars from 2018 to 2019. Greg tells us how it was another great year in the outdoors. We also give some special thank yous to our stations, sponsors and listeners.

Report 2 - We follow up from last week to do an inside look at advancements in ice fishing. We discuss the topic with Greg and Minot area outdoorsman, Jeremy Berg.


Report 3 - Greg tells us dark house spearfishing continues to soar in popularity, and his department is offering a workshop on it soon. We also talk hunter education classes in this report.

Report 4 - Another legislative season is upon us. Greg tells us his department is actively tracking sessions pertaining to the outdoors and people can follow on their website. He also updates us on chronic wasting disease hitting a new area of North Dakota.

Report 5 - We talk ice fishing this week. Greg gives us a mid-season report. He also tells us how access is to North Dakota lakes right now.

Report 6 - We talk ice fishing again in this report. Greg gives us some reminders for those fishing deeper waters. He also tells us where you commonly see this activity for deep water fishing happening.